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Winner, Inaugural Classical Competition

Album: Colors of Orchestronics

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I'M TIRED OF THIS CRAP!!!  I'VE HAD IT!   I'M OUTTA THE CLOSET  I like orchestra music, okay? There, I said it.

I'm not talking about that whole "take the Bentley to the symphony" culture image. That's just stupid! Close your eyes and hear the music.

This is stuff that's been "banned" from "cool" american homes since the Beatles.  I'll bet most parents with kids under 30 don't know what a symphony is.  You have to go underground, in your own home.  Don't get caught listening.

I'm tired of being an outcast.  I just want a little respect.  It's not illegal, dammit!

 Do you know how sexy an oboe sound can be? A french horn solo just does something to me,  I don't know why.  Maybe it's a gene. There's nothing frickin' wrong with strings, either.

Classic Film music really pushes my buttons, too.  Ya know how they build tension with that "Psycho" string thing?  Or, that spaghetti western horn section "riding them proud prairies" stuff?  Those are just the corny examples, but it' gets much deeper than that.  It's like every instrument hits a different emotion... without a rock or dance beat.

Okay, so I'm a sucker.  They know how to yank my chain. 

The very best orchestral composers have been rotting in their graves for hundreds of years, and they still get airplay, and sold-out shows.

There, I'm outa the closet! Call me what you like, but please keep an open musical mind. There's ALOT more out there. Mix it up a bit. Challenge yourself. Done ranting.

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