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   Electronic classical music is still a mystery to many ears.  While classical music may have been "uncool" in many households, since the days of Elvis, electronic instruments add life and modern style to some very innovative music.

   The acoustic classical orchestra has survived the centuries, treating each generation to new sounds and styles.  Its size has grown since the 1700's to include new instrument inventions.  First, the piano, then the oboe, brass and saxophone, as well as a variety of percussion instruments. Its makeup is flexible to accommodate different styles, composers and musical eras.  Now, the electro-acoustic orchestra has come of age... adding 21st century instruments to the world's most-durable ensemble.

Some beautiful orchestral sounds have been hiding from the spotlight since the dawn of rock.  The more complex styles of earlier composers, such as Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Beethoven, and Mozart, are not familiar to younger ears.  Many millennials have never heard a full concerto or symphony.  Often feared to be "long and boring," they are really full of variety and color, with much less repetition than a typical pop song.

Electronic ConcertoBreathing "expression" into electronic musical instruments is extremely challenging.  Instead of muscle control with a bow or breath, the musician uses subtle moves of the instrument's controls.  But, the result can be just as emotional and moving.


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Electronic Orchestra



Electronic Orchestra

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November 20, 2005

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