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Electro-Acoustic Orchestra 
Electro Acoustic Orchestra
Independent Review: "The poignant...melody communicates longing with subtle portamento and tasteful vibrato, and a pastoral feeling dominates the composition.  (Composer) Wiedemann keeps the harmony relatively simple, to wonderful effect..."
Keyboard Magazine says of Synth Concerto #1; 2nd Mov't.
Independent Artist of the Month -September 2003

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Music on this album/cd is meant to be performed live by real orchestras and electronics.  Sheet music is available from Wiedemann Music Publishing

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                                             The Tracks:

  1. "An American Day The day begins quietly with grandeur and grace.  The work hours explode with ambition and drive.  Though most of the day is filled with activity, the quiet returns.

  2. "Public Transit"   The ride home from work may not be smooth, but it's always entertaining.


  3. "Distant Melody"  A distant love is only half of a harmony.  This romantic, yet lonely theme (from the 2nd mov't of the upcoming Synth Concerto #1)  tries to bridge the gaps.


  4.  "Crunch the Numbers"   Trying to make all the numbers do what you want them to can be a real struggle, with a wide range of emotions.  It's always better to add, than to subtract.

  5. "Bruschetta  Another electro-acoustic musical experiment in which the conventional orchestra ventures into modern dance music.


  6. "Falling"   Whether you're falling to the floor, or falling in love, there's always an extreme sense of uncertainty.


  7. "Repeat After Me  A musical experiment: take a theme, play it first on a piano, then share it with different electronic instruments, one by one.

  8. "Send Me To London  Instrumental version of a song about two people, very much in love, who just need some time and distance to realize how much they care for each other.

Concerto #1 for Synthesizer and Orchestra:

  9."1st Movement In classical style, the orchestra has the first word, setting the stage for this unconventional soloist.  The synthesizer is a chameleon of sounds, eventually winning the respect of the stodgy ol' ensemble, through variety and versatility.

 10. "2nd Movement  The challenge to be expressive and emotional is not usually what one expects from a synthesizer, but this love theme is the proving ground.

 11. "3rd Movement"   Here, the synth has the first word, challenging the orchestra to play on unfamiliar turf.  They all collaborate for a big classic finish!

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Winner, Inaugural Classical Competition
November 20, 2005


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