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NEW Album Release
Painted Variations
by: Orchestronics®

Painted Variations Front Cover   Painted Variations Back Cover

Winner of two Telly Awards

Telly Award Winner    Telly Award Winner
Painted  Variations on a Theme of Paganini (2022)   -   Symphony 2.3 (2021)


The Synth is now officially more than just another member of the band!
It IS the band, the orchestra, the soloist. When Neo Classical and Synthwave get together for a party, THIS is what you get: Orchestronics®

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The title track Painted Variations on a Theme of Paganini  is a wildly playful Telly Award winning music video(below). Watch the theme and variations hit every note with paint and a sloppy painter. You don’t need to read music to follow all these super colorful notes. (Spoiler alert… the video has a bit of a surprise ending.)

The story of Painted Variations (the album) dates back to 1807, when Niccolo Paganini wrote a fun little melody and 11 of his own variations. The name Caprice 24 is rarely remembered, but the melody is famous, and probably 100 different composers since then have done their own variations. What’s one more, right?




This whole album is about variations. Not just of melody, but of orchestration (the choice of instruments and sounds). Orchestronics® builds every piece from the ground up, with all new groups of sounds that you didn’t hear in the previous piece. It’s like changing ensembles for every track.


Synth Symphony No. 2 (in 4 movements: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4) captures all the excitement earlier composers like Haydn and Handel must have experienced in experimenting with relatively new instruments and orchestrations. A wide collection of individual synthesizer patches/sounds, makes for a new and unique orchestra, with nearly unlimited variety.
See the first movement of the Symphony (2.1) below.

Synth Symphony 2.1  Synth Symphony 2.1  Synth Symphony 2.1  Synth Symphony 2.1  Synth Symphony 2.1


Orchestronics® is Joe Wiedemann, who has been creating award-winning music and videos for 40-years (see full bio   and IMDb). Five previous albums co-mingled electronic and acoustic instruments in classical styles, producing new and original scores for many new types of ensembles. This sixth album Painted Variations, all but abandons the acoustic, to let his electronic side take control with a new Synth Symphony No. 2, Painted Variations on a Theme of Paganini, and six more tracks of “evolutionary” new music in the styles of the masters of classical.


Download or stream the entire album from your favorite platform. Physical copies are also available. Please be sure to Subscribe on YouTube to catch future videos.

Composer Joe Wiedemann        Composer Joe Wiedemann


Synth Symphony 2.3 is a Telly Award winning music video (below). Despite the silliness of this conductor in search of an orchestra, the music is true to form, telling a story with exposition, development, recap and coda.



Once Around the Block may look like a trip back in time, but many gadgets and devices that are outdated are still working. For example, the violin has remained almost unchanged since the 1500’s.



Album: Painted Variations Artist: Orchestronics Composer: Joe Wiedemann (ASCAP) Publisher: WiedemannMusic.com ©2021, Orchestronics® All Rights Reserved


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